13 Gotei meeting

Welcome to my website about information on bleach brave souls global

From my journey in this awesome game as a bleach fan and praying for the next arc being put in production hopefully soon he he, which you can probably relate to…

Bleach brave souls is in my opinion the best ios game ever not just because its a anime game but it surpasses all the other games i’ve played over the years.The game has made a lot of changes to improve enjoyment. I must admit this is the only game that keeps things running, always keeping me busy with events and grinding hours out to complete challenges.

I wonder how this game is gonna change at the end of the year 2017 . What changes will be made co op and pvp battles.New story lines that will be put in , they already started with zanpakuto rebellion chapter apart from the main story line that was for me so awesome to see.

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